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Musical style The band's music has been described as "art rock", "contemporary agit-punk", and "high-octane dance-punk".<ref name="Dosanjh" /><ref name="Snodgrass" /><ref name="Marcus">Marcus, Laura (2006) "¡Forward Russia! March Through NYC", SPIN, 29 November 2006, retrieved 2012-06-09</ref> When Give Me a Wall was released, the band received comparisons with Bloc Party, while the NME described them as sounding "like a peculiarly English take on emo".<ref name="Snodgrass">Snodgrass, James (2006) "¡Forward, Russia!: Give Me A Wall", NME, 15 May 2006, retrieved 2012-06-09</ref><ref name="Berman">Berman, Stuart (2006) "¡Forward, Russia! Give Me a Wall", Pitchfork Media, 1 August 2006, retrieved 2012-06-09</ref> The band's second album was described by Pitchfork Media as "a curious mélange of studied dance-punk and flailing hardcore".<ref name="Orme">Orme, Mike (2008) "¡Forward, Russia! Life Processes", Pitchfork Media, 22 July 2008, retrieved 2012-06-09</ref>

Jon Pareles, reviewing a live performance from 2006 in The New York Times stated "[their] songs aren't content with verse and chorus; they're packed with incident, and they're propelled by the indefatigable drumming of Katie Nicholls. Instruments unite for muscular, danceable funk, then splay apart like a fist suddenly opening."<ref name="Pareles">Pareles, Jon (2006) "Music Review: '¡FORWARD, RUSSIA!' Postpunk Resurrected Anew", The New York Times, 30 November 2006, retrieved 2012-06-10</ref>

Woodhead's vocals were described as "post hardcore operatic screeching".<ref name="Ackroyd">Ackroyd, Stephen (2006) "¡Forward, Russia - Give Me A Wall", This Is Fake DIY, retrieved 2012-06-10</ref>

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