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  • What is clearly admirable about "'Merika," is its affecting portrait of loneliness, so thoughtfully realized by Nora Aunor's touching performance, Gil Portes's direction and Doy del Mundo and Gil Quito's homely screenplay. The film does not emphasize a single, urgent cause for Mila's wanting to go home precisely because such loneliness cannot be quantified. - Emmanuel A. Reyes, Tempo, 1984 / “Tender Effort: One from the Heart” Notes on Philippine Cinema (Manila: De La Salle University Press, 1989), 118
  • As expected, Nora Aunor breathes life and feeling into her lead character… - Mel Tobias, One Hundred Acclaimed Tagalog Movies: Sineng Mundo Best of Philippine Cinema (Vancouver, B.C.: Peanut Butter Publishing, 1998), 163
  • Nora Aunor proves once more that she is an accomplished actress and the camera understandably lingers close-up on her face in many scenes. Changes in her moods and feelings can be expressed very effectively by subtle eye movements and almost imperceptible twitches of the lips. - Film Ratings Board

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