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Family Adud al-Dawla, in order to maintain peace, established marriage ties with several rulers;{{#invoke:Footnotes|sfn}} his daughter was married to the Abbasid at-Ta'i, while another was married to the Samanids and the Ziyarid ruler Bisutun. Adud al-Dawla himself had several wives, which included; the daughter of Bisutun; the daughter of Manadhar, an Justanid king; and the daughter of Siyahgil, an Giilite king. From these wives, Adud al-Dawla had several sons; Abu'l-Husain Ahmad and Abu Tahir Firuzshah, from the daughter of Manadhar; Abu Kalijar Marzuban, from the daughter of Siyahgil; and Shirdil Abu'l-Fawaris, from a Turkic concubine. Adud al-Dawla also had a younger son named Baha' al-Dawla. Abu'l-Husain Ahmad was supported by his mother and his uncle Fuladh ibn Manadhar as the heir of the Buyid Empire. However, Abu Kalijar Marzuban, because of his more prominent descent, was appointed as heir of the Buyid Empire by Adud al-Dawla.

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