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Career under 'Umar ibn 'Abd al-'Aziz 'Adi was appointed to the governorship of al-Basrah by the caliph 'Umar ibn 'Abd al-'Aziz, shortly after the latter's ascension in 717.<ref>Al-Tabari, p. 75; al-Baladhuri, pp. 64-5; Ibn Qutaybah, pp. 362-3</ref> After receiving his appointment, he established himself in al-Basrah; he also ordered the arrest of his predecessor Yazid ibn al-Muhallab, who 'Umar had dismissed from the governorship of Iraq. Once Yazid was captured, 'Adi shipped him to the caliph's residence in Syria, where he was cast into prison.<ref>Al-Tabari, pp. 75, 79-81; Khalifah ibn Khayyat, p. 320; Ibn Qutaybah, p. 400; Ibn Khallikan, p. 365</ref>

'Adi served as governor of al-Basrah for the duration of 'Umar's caliphate.<ref name="KIK322">Khalifah ibn Khayyat, p. 322</ref> Unlike Yazid, who had been governor of all of Iraq and the eastern provinces, 'Adi did not have authority over al-Kufah and Khurasan, which were placed under separate governors.<ref>Shaban, pp. 132-3; Powers, pp. xiv-xv</ref> His area of responsibility, however, was still considerable, and extended from al-Basrah and al-Bahrayn in the west to al-Sind in the east.<ref name="KIK322" /> Oman was also initially under 'Adi's authority, but 'Umar revoked his jurisdiction over it after receiving complaints about his lieutenant's administration there.<ref>Al-Rawas pp. 66-7; Khalifah ibn Khayyat, p. 323</ref>

During 'Adi's governorship, he authorized public works projects in al-Basrah; a canal was dug to provide water to the city's residents and was named after him.<ref>Al-Baladhuri, pp. 96-7</ref> A second canal which was completed was named after 'Adi's chief of police.<ref>Al-Baladhuri, p. 82</ref> He also wanted to enlarge the governor's residence in the city, but was reportedly dissuaded from doing so by 'Umar.<ref>Al-Baladhuri, pp. 64-5</ref> During his administration, a plague struck in 718-719 and was named the "plague of 'Adi ibn Artah."<ref>Dols, p. 380; Ibn Qutaybah, p. 601</ref>

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Career under 'Umar ibn 'Abd al-'Aziz
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