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Responses to the work Several appendices were added to the document before publication, in response to new developments in Germany around the formation of the KAPD and new studies by Lenin of the Italian left. A final appendix acknowledged a letter on behalf of the Communist Party of Holland, David Wijnkoop complaining that the positions Lenin accorded to their organisation were only those of a minority in the group.<ref name="Infantile" />

Lenin invited Pankhurst and Gallagher to the Second Conference of the Comintern. He convinced them to argue for their party, by then renamed the Communist Party (British Section of the Third International), to join the Communist Party of Great Britain. The CP(BSTI) did join, and Gallagher remained a loyal member, although Pankhurst was expelled from the CPGB in 1921 and subsequently allied her remaining group with the KAPD, supporting the Communist Workers' International.<ref>Comments on Pankhurst's "The Communist Party: Provisional Resolutions towards a Programme" in Communism #3, Internationalist Communist Group</ref>

Herman Gorter replied to Lenin in an Open Letter, arguing that the smaller numbers of peasants in Western Europe constituted a key difference to the class struggle to that in Russia.<ref>Open letter to comrade Lenin: Introduction by Wildcat</ref> In the introduction, he stated:

It has taught me a great deal, as all your writings have done ... Many a trace, and many a germ of this infantile disease, to which without a doubt, I also am a victim, has been chased away by your brochure, or will yet be eradicated by it. Your observations about the confusion that revolution has caused in many brains, is quite right too. I know that. The revolution came so suddenly, and in a way so utterly different from what we expected. Your words will be an incentive to me, once again, and to an even greater extent than before, to base my judgement in all matters of tactics, also in the revolution, exclusively on reality, on the actual class-relations, as they manifest themselves politically and economically.

After having read your brochure I thought all this is right.

But after having considered for a long time whether I would cease to uphold this "Left Wing", and to write articles for the KAPD and the Opposition party in England, I had to decline.<ref>Herman Gorter, Open Letter to Comrade Lenin</ref>

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Responses to the work
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