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Teams 27 - College World
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Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium
Omaha, NE - Champions Southern California (5th title) - Runner-Up [[Southern Illinois Salukis baseballSouthern Illinois]] (1st CWS Appearance) - Winning coach Rod Dedeaux (5th title) - MOPBill Seinsoth(Southern California) -
1968 NCAA Division I
Baseball Tournament
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The 1968 NCAA University Division Baseball Tournament was played at the end of the 1968 NCAA University Division baseball season to determine the national champion of college baseball. The tournament concluded with eight teams competing in the College World Series, a double-elimination tournament in its twenty-second year. Eight regional districts sent representatives to the College World Series with preliminary rounds within each district serving to determine each representative. These events would later become known as regionals. Each district had its own format for selecting teams, resulting in 27 teams participating in the tournament at the conclusion of their regular season, and in some cases, after a conference tournament.<ref name=NCAA>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref> The twenty-second tournament's champion was the Southern California, coached by Rod Dedeaux. The Most Outstanding Player was Bill Seinsoth of the Southern California.

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