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The 1968 Kansas City Chiefs season ended with a 12–2 record, resulting in a tie for first place in the AFL Western Division. The Chiefs and Oakland Raiders both finished with 12–2 records in the same division, but the Raiders won the championship in a tiebreaker playoff (defeating the Chiefs 41–6 Western Division playoff game).

A debate raged in Kansas City whether the club’s new stadium should be built downtown or at a “remote” location. A location in Eastern Jackson County was chosen as the site and groundbreaking ceremonies took place in July with plans calling for a unique “rolling roof” design.

The 1968 Chiefs boasted one of the finest defenses ever assembled by the club, allowing an AFL record (and still franchise-low) 170 points, or 12.1 points per game. The nucleus of the defensive unit was clearly in its prime, producing six AFL All-Stars, including all three of the squad’s linebackers.

Offensively, quarterback Len Dawson led the AFL in passing for the fourth time. Guard Ed Budde won the AFL Offensive Player of the Week award for the October 20 game against the Raiders. It was the first time the award was given to an interior lineman.

The Chiefs began the season with a 7–1 record and rattled off five straight victories to close the regular season at 12–2, sharing the AFL Western Division crown with the Oakland Raiders and setting up an AFL Western Division Playoff Game. Kansas City lost a 41–6 decision at Oakland on December 22 as the Raiders advanced to the AFL Championship Game against the New York Jets.<ref name="Chiefs History 1960's">Kansas City Chiefs History 1960's</ref> The loss to Oakland was a major event in the Chiefs' rivalry with the Raiders, one of the NFL's most storied feuds.

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