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The 1968 English cricket season was something of a watershed for it was the last in which the County Championship predominated. From 1969, a new limited overs league began and the number of Championship matches was therefore reduced. A system of batting and bowling bonus points was introduced into the County Championship, replacing the long established 'first innings' points.

The season was also significant in being the first in which counties were able to sign one overseas player who would not be subject to the normal residential qualification rules but could appear for them immediately. Most counties, with the notable exception of Yorkshire, took advantage of this. Nottinghamshire pulled off the coup of signing Garry Sobers. Other players signed were Lee Irvine, Majid Khan, Mike Procter, Barry Richards, Asif Iqbal, Farokh Engineer, Hylton Ackerman, Greg Chappell, Rohan Kanhai and Vanburn Holder.

The season was a watershed for Yorkshire also. The club won its third successive title but the team broke up at the end of the season. The great fast bowler Fred Trueman retired and, following a stalemate in his contractual talks, Ray Illingworth left the club. Yorkshire did not win the title again until 2001.

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