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The 1968 Australian Touring Car Championship was a CAMS sanctioned Australian motor racing title open to Group C Improved Production Touring Cars.<ref>Conditions for Australian Titles, 1968 CAMS Manual of Motor Sport, pages 70-73.</ref> It was contested over a single race staged at the Warwick Farm circuit in New South Wales, Australia on 8 September 1968.<ref name=Floyd>Thomas B Floyd, Geoghegan Holds Title, Sports Car World, November 1968, pages 16-28</ref> The title, which was the ninth Australian Touring Car Championship, was won by Ian Geoghegan driving a Ford Mustang.<ref name=50_Years>Graham Howard , Stewart Wilson, David Greenhalgh, The thunder of V8s, The official history - Australian Touring Car Championship - 50 Years, 2011, pages 58-63</ref>

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