::1968 Australian Drivers' Championship


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The 1968 Australian Drivers' Championship was a CAMS sanctioned national motor racing title open to racing cars complying with the Australian National Formula or the Australian 1½ Litre Formula.<ref name=CAMS>Conditions for Australian National titles, CAMS Manual of Motor Sport, 1968, pages 70-71</ref> The title was contested over a six race series, with the winner awarded the 1968 CAMS Gold Star.<ref>Racing Car News, August 1972 (Gold Star Supplement)</ref>

The championship was won by Kevin Bartlett driving a Brabham BT23D-Alfa Romeo.<ref>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref> Bartlett won three of the six races to finished ten points ahead of Phil West (Brabham BT23A-Repco). Third was Glyn Scott (Bowin P3-Cosworth). In addition to Bartlett's wins, single race victories were taken by West, Scott and Leo Geoghegan (Lotus 39-Repco).

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