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Hall of Famers: Umpire:Hank O'Day
Cubs:Mordecai Brown, Frank Chance, Johnny Evers, Joe Tinker.
Tigers:Sam Crawford, Ty Cobb.
1907 World Series
Team (Wins) Manager Season
Chicago Cubs (4) Frank Chance (player/manager) 107–45, Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{"., GA: 17
Detroit Tigers (0) Hughie Jennings 92–58, Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{"., GA: 1 12
Dates: October 8–12
Umpires: Hank O'Day (NL), Jack Sheridan (AL)
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The 1907 World Series featured the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers, with the Cubs winning the Series four games to none (with one tie) for their first championship.

The Cubs came back strong from their shocking loss in the 1906 World Series. The Tigers' young star Ty Cobb came into the Series with the first of his many league batting championships. With pitching dominance over the Tigers and Cobb, the Cubs allowed only three runs in the four games they won, while stealing 18 bases off the rattled Tigers.

Tigers pitcher "Wild Bill" Donovan struck out twelve Cubs in Game 1. Although that matched Ed Walsh's total in Game 3 against the Cubs in 1906, it was across twelve innings. Donovan struck out just ten Cubs in the first nine innings of the game.

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