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Internal peace is not disturbed during the year, but there are, as usual, frequent rumours of quarrels in the amir's family and of reconciliations. Early in the year it is reported that the amir has removed his half-brother, Mohammad Omar, from the governorship of Kabul, and placed him and his mother, Bibi Halima, under close surveillance. Later on it is stated that the mullahs have brought about a reconciliation, and that Mohammad Omar has been placed in command of the troops in Kabul. There is some quarrelling between Russian and Afghan soldiers owing to the former destroying some guard-houses erected along the border of Turkestan, but there is no actual outbreak, and the amir at once sends officials of position to inquire into the matter. Owing to the generally oppressive action of the Russians some 4,000 the Turkoman and Jamshid tribes migrate to Herat, where the amir grants them the Zulfikar Pass territory as their place of residence. Several of the leading followers of Ayub Khan return to Afghanistan and others petition the amir to be allowed to do so.

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