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In the 1899 English cricket season, Surrey won the County Championship for the first time in four years, and the title turned out to be their last until 1914. Surrey's season was dominated by draws, with fourteen out of 26 games drawn, just like the season in general - especially the Australian team's tour. Four of five Test matches were drawn on the tour, but Australia won the second Test at Lord's, and the series 1–0. This was their first Ashes series win in England since the original match in 1882. Also, Worcestershire became the fifteenth county in the County Championship, debuting with an 11-run loss to Yorkshire despite earning a 78-run lead on first innings. George Wilson took eight for 70 in the first innings, which was a Worcestershire Championship record until Wilson beat it against Somerset in 1905. The debutants finished twelfth, though they only earned two wins in 12 games. Finally, Sussex' Ranjitsinhji became the first batsman to hit 2000 runs in a Championship season with 102 against Lancashire in August.

England team v. Australia, Trent Bridge 1899. Back row: Dick Barlow (umpire), Tom Hayward, George Hirst, Billy Gunn, J T Hearne (12th man), Bill Storer (wkt kpr), Bill Brockwell, V A Titchmarsh (umpire). Middle row: C B Fry, K S Ranjitsinhji, W G Grace (captain), Stanley Jackson. Front row: Wilfred Rhodes, Johnny Tyldesley.

The season was a notable one for WG Grace. The First Test marked his final appearance for England (and the Test debut of Wilfred Rhodes). Also Grace played his last Championship game for Gloucestershire, having fallen out with them over his involvement with London County.

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