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The 1899 Alabama Crimson White football teamUnknown extension tag "ref" (variously "Alabama", "UA" or "Bama") represented the University of Alabama in the 1899 college football season. The team was led by head coach W. A. Martin, in his first season, and played their home games at The Quad in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In what was the seventh season of Alabama football, the team finished with a record of three wins and one loss (3–1, 1–0 SIAA). In the spring of 1895, the University Board of Trustees passed a rule that prohibited athletic teams from competing off-campus for athletic events.<ref name="Griffin">{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=book }}</ref> As such the 1898 season was canceled; however the board subsequently rescinded this rule and the squad returned to the field for the 1899 season.<ref name="Griffin"/>

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