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The 1890 Pittsburg Alleghenys season was the ninth season for the Pittsburgh Pirates franchise. The team finished eighth and last in the National League with a record of 23–113, 66.5 games behind the Brooklyn Bridegrooms.

For all intents and purposes, the Alleghenys' season ended when most of their stars defected to the Pittsburgh Burghers of the Players' League. With a decimated roster, the Alleghenys made a wretched showing. The 113 losses by the Alleghenys set a new major league record, breaking the old record of 111 set the previous year by the Louisville Colonels. The record would stand until 1899, when the Cleveland Spiders lost 134 games, the all-time record.

Poor attendances meant that they played 97 of their 136 games on the road, finishing with a road record of 9-88 (the 88 losses remained a record until 1899, and is unreachable under current MLB scheduling rules, which allow a maximum of 81 road games). Their .093 road winning percentage is the lowest in MLB history for a minimum of 60 games.

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