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Ukiyo-e print by Tankei depicting the Eruption of Mount Bandai, 1888

The 1888 eruption of Mount Bandai was a major volcanic eruption which occurred during the Meiji period of the Empire of Japan. The eruption occurred on July 15, 1888, and pyroclastic flows buried villages on the northern foot of the mountain, and devastated the eastern part of Bandai region, Fukushima Prefecture north of Tokyo. At least 477 people were killed and hundreds more were injured and rendered homeless in what became the worst volcanic disaster in recent Japanese history.<ref>Smith, Encyclopedia of Geology, pp 461</ref> The eruption had many similarities to the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens in the United States.<ref name="Clancey, Earthquake Nation, pp 104">Clancey, Earthquake Nation, pp 104</ref>

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