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1865 Cerberus is an Apollo and a Mars crosser asteroid, discovered in 1971 by LuboŇ° Kohoutek <ref name="MPC" /> and named in 1974<ref>MPC 3758 ; see Michel-Alain Combes, Les NEO (Near-Earth Objects), especially this Excel spreadsheet</ref>

Cerberus is composed of 65% plagioclase and 35% pyroxene,<ref>L.A. Lebofsky, M.L. Nelson, Compositions of Near-Earth Asteroids</ref> and passes within 30 Gm (Gigameters) of the Earth 7 times from the year 1900 to the year 2100, each time at a distance of 24.4 Gm to 25.7 Gm. It is named after the guard dog of the Underworld. It also makes close approaches to Mars and Venus.

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