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{{#invoke:Redirect template|main}} The 1865 Atlantic hurricane season included two landfalling hurricanes, with one that caused over 325 deaths. The first storm was reported on May 30 by ships in the western Caribbean. A month later, a storm hit southern Texas, and in late August, a storm paralleled the coastline of the Carolinas. The fourth storm of the season was also the longest-lasting, forming east of the Lesser Antilles before hitting Guadeloupe and eventually moving ashore in Louisiana. In both of its major landfalls, the storm left many houses destroyed. There was confusion whether or not the fifth storm of the season was separate from the fourth storm, as both systems struck Louisiana in September. Another hurricane occurred in late September, before the final storm of the season developed north of Panama. The final hurricane struck Cuba and Key West, Florida before dissipating north of Bermuda on October 25.

At one time, one hurricane researcher identified a tropical storm over Cuba in late August,<ref name="year"/> although there was no evidence the storm actually existed.<ref name="meta"/> There was also a report of a hurricane over Louisiana on October 22,<ref name="la"/> although it is unknown if it was related to other storms in the season.<ref name="year"/> There may have been additional unconfirmed tropical cyclones during the season. Meteorologist Christopher Landsea estimates up to six storms were missed from the official database, due to small tropical cyclone size, sparse ship reports, and relatively unpopulated coastlines.<ref>{{#invoke:Citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=journal }}</ref>

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