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1848 Democratic National Committee was the Democratic Party's first continuing national organization with one member from each state appointed for four years at the 1848 nominating convention in Baltimore.

State Member Note
Maine Charles Andrews (1814–1852) elected House of Representatives 1850
New Hampshire Richard Jenness (1802–1872) President N.H. Senate 1850
Vermont Horace Clark defeated Lieutenant Governor 1850
Massachusetts Benjamin F. Hallett (1797–1861) defeated House of Representatives 1848
Rhode Island Walter S. Burges (1808-1892) U.S. District Attorney 1845–49
Connecticut Charles A. Ingersoll (1798–1860) U.S. District Court Judge 1853–60
New York Edwin Croswell (1797–1871) editor Albany Argus
New Jersey Edwin R. V. Wright (1812–1871) defeated Governor 1859
Pennsylvania John W. Forney (1817–1881) Clerk House of Representatives 1851–56
Delaware George R. Riddle (1817–1867) elected House of Representatives 1850
Maryland Albert Constable (1805–1855) House of Representatives 1845-47
Virginia William F. Ritchie ( –1877) editor Richmond Enquirer
North Carolina Robert Strange (1796–1854) U.S. Senator 1836–40
South Carolina J.M.Commander
Georgia M. H. McAllister Mayor of Savannah 1837–39
Alabama Patrick E. Britten
Mississippi John Duncan
Louisiana Emile La Sére (1802–1882) House of Representatives 1846–51
Ohio Samuel Medary (1801–1864) editor Ohio Statesman
Kentucky John W. Stevenson (1812–1886) House of Representatives 1857–61
Indiana Gilbert Hathaway
Illinois Murray McConnel (1798– ) Fifth Auditor of the U.S. Treasury 1855–59
Missouri Samuel Treat (1815–1902) U.S. District Court Judge 1857–87
Arkansas Solon Borland (1808–1864) U.S. Senator 1848–53
Michigan John Harmon (1819–1888) Mayor of Detroit 1852–54
Florida James T. Archer (1819–1859) Florida Secretary of State 1845–48
Texas D. S. Kaufman (1813–1851) House of Representatives 1846–51
Iowa James Clarke (1812–1850) Territorial Governor 1845–46
Wisconsin Mason C. Darling (1801–1866) House of Representatives 1848–49
B. F. Hallett was the Chairman and W. F. Ritchie was Secretary
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