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The 1832 Democratic National Convention was held from May 21 to May 23, 1832, in Baltimore, Maryland at the landmark civic, literary and social hall, "The Athenaneum" (the first) at St. Paul and East Lexington Streets - later burned in the Baltimore bank riot of 1835, (west of the City/County Courthouse) and later at "Warfield's Church (thought to be the First Universalist Church at North Calvert and East Pleasant Streets?). This was the first national convention of the Democratic Party of the United States; it followed presidential nominating conventions held previously by the small minority Anti-Masonic Party (in September 1831) and the National Republican Party (in December 1831). The purpose of the convention was to choose a running mate for incumbent President Andrew Jackson of Tennessee, rather than the previous methods of using a caucus of Congressional representatives and senators. The delegates nominated former Secretary of State Martin Van Buren (of New York) for Vice President to replace and succeed the earlier incumbent John C. Calhoun of South Carolina (whom Jackson had fallen out with over the nullification controversy), and endorsed Jackson's reelection.

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