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The .35 Winchester Self-Loading (also called .35SL, .35SLR, or .35WSL) is an American rifle cartridge.

Winchester introduced the .32SL and .35SL in the Winchester '05 self-loading rifle as a centerfire cartridge version of the Winchester '03. The .35SL proved popular at first with the general public as a short-range deer and black bear hunting cartridge, but was soon superseded by the introduction of the more powerful .351SL in the Winchester '07.<ref>Stebbins, Henry (1958) Rifles: A Modern Encyclopedia Stackpole Books, p. 127</ref>

Many now consider the .35SL inadequate as a deer round, but it may still be suitable for coyote or similar medium-sized game at close ranges. When first introduced however, the notable firearm expert Townsend Whelen noted the .35SL cartridge as displaying similar ballistics as the .38-40 black powder, low-pressure cartridge.<ref>Whelen, Townsend (1918) The American Rifle Century Co. p. 266</ref>

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