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"...on the Radio (Remember the Days)", also known explicitly as "Shit on the Radio (Remember the Days)", is the third official single from Canadian singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado's first album, Whoa, Nelly!. The song's album title was "Shit on the Radio (Remember the Days)"; the word "shit" was censored and removed from the title for radio airplay and substituted on the cover art with "#*@!!". Despite the success of Furtado's previous two singles, the song failed to chart on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and began a string of singles for Furtado that failed to chart, until 2006 with "Promiscuous". "#*@!! on the Radio (Remember the Days)" charted in other countries, and was a huge success in New Zealand, reaching #5. It also reached #14 on the Canadian BDS Airplay Chart.

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