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...For the Kids is the debut album by the band Gym Class Heroes, released in 2001, the album is currently out of print and extremely rare and sold for extreme prices.

All songs written and composed by Gym Class Heroes.  <td align="right" colspan="Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "[".">
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</table> "Noah" is a tribute song to a classmate and friend of Travis' who died in a car accident in the fall of 1996 during their freshman year in high school. It also contains elements of "A Song for Noah", track 5 of their second self-released EP, "Greasy Kid Stuff." "Happy Little Trees" is an early version of "To Bob Ross, with Love" from their album The Papercut Chronicles "wejusfreestylin" was used in a song called "Model #051" by Travis' side project "Bernie Allen"
...For the Kids (Gym Class Heroes album) sections
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No. Title Length
1. "Thinking Out Loud"   1:21
2. "Food for Mic Skills"   4:23
3. "Oh My God"   3:56
4. "A Beautiful Day"   3:39
5. "Extra Extra"   5:40
6. "Crab Apple Kids"   4:20
7. "Happy Little Trees"   2:07
8. "How It Was"   2:57
9. "Noah"   3:59
10. "This Thing Called Life"   4:43
11. "Eighty-Five"   4:25
12. "wejusfreestylin"   1:29
13. "Pig Latin"   3:51
14. "Eighty-Five" (SieONE Remix) 4:08
15. "Hey Mina"   1:55
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