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...And a Time to Dance is a 1983 EP by Los Lobos. It was co-produced by T-Bone Burnett and Steve Berlin (not yet a full-time member of the band) and was the band's first release on Slash Records. The EP brought the band its first wide acclaim. It was voted best EP of the year in the Village Voice's influential Pazz & Jop critics poll.<ref>The 1983 Pazz & Jop Critics Poll</ref> Critic Robert Christgau gave the record an "A-" in his Consumer Guide, calling it "good old rock and roll East L.A. style."<ref>Consumer Guide</ref> Trouser Press raved about "a spicy romp (in two languages) back and forth across musical borders few can traverse with such ease,"<ref>Trouser Press</ref> while Rolling Stone called it "an infectious dance record that deserves to be heard by rock fans."<ref name=RS1983>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=news }}</ref>

The track "Anselma" won the first Grammy Award for Best Mexican-American Performance.

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