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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} 88 Thisbe ({{#invoke:IPAc-en|main}} THIZ-bee) is the 13th largest main-belt asteroids. It was discovered by C. H. F. Peters on June 15, 1866, and named after Thisbe, heroine of a Roman fable. An occultation of a star by Thisbe was observed on October 7, 1981. Results from the occultation indicate a larger than expected diameter of 232 km.<ref name="Taylor1983"/><ref>Observed minor planet occultation events, version of 2005 July 26</ref>

During 2000, 88 Thisbe was observed by radar from the Arecibo Observatory. The return signal matched an effective diameter of 207 ± 22 km. This is consistent with the asteroid dimensions computed through other means.<ref name="icarus186_1_126"/>

Photometric observations of this asteroid during 1977 gave a light curve with a period of 6.0422 ± 0.006 hours and a brightness variation of 0.19 in magnitude.<ref name="Schober1979"/>

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