(55565) 2002 AW197




(55565) 2002 AW197 is a classical Kuiper belt object (cubewano). Measurements with the Spitzer Space Telescope have confirmed 2002 AW197 as a probable dwarf planet, although it has not been officially classified as such by the IAU. Light-curve-amplitude analysis shows only small deviations, which suggests that 2002 AW197 is a spheroid with small albedo spots.<ref name=SSDwarfs>Tancredi, G., & Favre, S. (2008) Which are the dwarfs in the Solar System?. Depto. Astronomía, Fac. Ciencias, Montevideo, Uruguay; Observatorio Astronómico Los Molinos, MEC, Uruguay. Retrieved 10-08-2011</ref> Tancredi (2010) accepts it as a dwarf planet.<ref name="Tancredi" /> Mike Brown's website lists it as a highly likely dwarf planet.<ref name="Brown-dplist" />

It was discovered on January 10, 2002, by Michael Brown et al.<ref name="MPEC2002-O30" /> It is located near the Kuiper cliff.

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