::(381) Myrrha




381 Myrrha is a very large main-belt asteroid that was discovered by French astronomer Auguste Charlois on January 10, 1894, in Nice.<ref name="IAU_MPC"/> It is classified as a C-type asteroid and is probably composed of carbonaceous material.

Photometric observations of this asteroid at the Oakley Observatory in Terre Haute, Indiana during 2006 gave a light curve with a period of 6.572 ± 0.002 hours and a brightness variation of 0.34 ± 0.05 in magnitude.<ref name="Warner2008"/>

10µ radiometric data collected from Kitt Peak in 1975 gave a diameter estimate of 126 km.<ref name="Morrison1976"/> The occultation of AlhenaGeminorum) by Myrrha was observed in Japan and China on January 13, 1991, allowing the size and shape of Myrrha to be clarified.

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