(33340) 1998 VG44


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(33340) 1998 VG44, also written as (33340) 1998 VG44, is a trans-Neptunian object. It has a 2:3 orbital resonance with the planet Neptune, similar to Pluto, classifying it as a plutino. Its average distance from the Sun is 39.083 AU with a perihelion of 29.354 AU and an aphelion at 48.813 AU. Its orbit has an eccentricity of 0.249, and is inclined by 3°. It is about 221 km in diameter, so it is unlikely to be classified as a dwarf planet. It was discovered on November 14, 1998, by J. A. Larsen, Nicole M. Danzl and A. Gleason at the Steward Observatory.


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