(308635) 2005 YU55


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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} (308635) 2005 YU55, provisionally known as 2005 YU55, is a potentially hazardous asteroid<ref name=jpldata/> 360±40 meters in diameter, as measured after its Earth flyby.<ref name="Busch"/> Previously it was estimated at 310 meters<ref name=mpi>The Herschel Space Observatory catches a glimpse of the minor planet during its rendezvous with Earth (November 17, 2011)</ref> or about 400 m (1,300 feet) in diameter.<ref name="news171"/><ref name="Cornell2010"/> It was discovered on 28 December 2005 by Robert S. McMillan at Steward Observatory, Kitt Peak.<ref name="MPEC2005-Y47"/> On 8 November 2011 it passed 0.85 lunar distances (324,900 kilometers; 201,900 miles)<ref name="NASA2011-332"/> from Earth.

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