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(308242) 2005 GO21 is a large near-Earth asteroid and potentially hazardous object.<ref name=jpldata/> It has a well determined orbit with an observation arc of 7 years and an uncertainty parameter of 0.<ref name=jpldata/> It was discovered on 1 April 2005 by the Siding Spring Survey at an apparent magnitude of 18.1 using the {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}} Uppsala Southern Schmidt Telescope.<ref name="MPEC2005-G31"/>

Based on an absolute magnitude of 16.4,<ref name="jpldata"/> the asteroid has an estimated diameter of 1.6 km (within a factor of two).<ref name=Goldstone/> (308242) 2005 GO21 is the largest potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA) discovered in 2005.<ref name="jpl-search"/> On 21 June 2012 it passed Earth at a distance of {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}}.<ref name=jpl-close/> The 2012 passage was studied with radar using Goldstone and Arecibo.<ref name="Goldstone"/>

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