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(277475) 2005 WK4

(277475) 2005 WK4<ref>JPL (277475) 2005 WK4</ref> is a near-Earth asteroid that passed within 8.2 Lunar distances on August 8, 2013.<ref name=wk4>Radar Images of Asteroid 2005 WK4 </ref> It was radar-imaged by the Deep Space Network dish at Goldstone, USA.<ref name=wk4/> The asteroid is between 660 and 980 feet (200 and 300 meters) in diameter, and rotated 2.5 times in 6.5 hours.<ref name=wk4/> It had been observed by the Arecibo radar in July 2012 (this was not a close approach though), and is also classified as a Potentially Hazardous Object (PHA).<ref>2005WK4 - Background</ref> The asteroid was discovered November 27, 2005 by the Siding Spring Survey.<ref>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref><ref>Hicks, M.; Buratt, B.; Carcione, A.; Borlase, R. - Broadband Photometry Of The Potentially Asteroid 277475 (2005 WK4) and Corrected 52762 (1998 MT24) Colors. - 2013</ref>

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