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(229762) 2007 UK126, also written as (229762) 2007 UK126, is a scattered disc object (SDO) with a bright absolute magnitude of 3.7.<ref name=TNOsCool4/> This makes it probably a dwarf planet. As of August 2011, Mike Brown lists it as highly likely a dwarf planet.<ref name=Brown-dplist>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref> Its light-curve amplitude is estimated to be Δm=0.111 mag.<ref name=lightcurves>Roland, S., Bruzzone, S., Nowajewski, P., Tancredi, G., Barrera, L., Martinez, M., Troncoso, P., & Vasquez, S. (2009). Lightcurves of Icy “Dwarf Planets” (Plutoids)</ref>

Its orbital eccentricity of 0.49 suggests that it was gravitationally scattered onto its eccentric orbit. It will come to perihelion in February 2046.<ref name=jpldata/>

It has been observed 73 times over 11 oppositions with precovery images back to 1982.<ref name=jpldata/>

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