(202421) 2005 UQ513


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(202421) 2005 UQ513, also written as 2005 UQ513, is a cubewano with an absolute magnitude of 3.4.<ref name=jpldata /> Mike Brown's website lists it as a highly likely dwarf planet.<ref name=Brown-dplist /> (202421) 2005 UQ513 shows signs of weak water ice.<ref>{{#invoke:Citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=journal }}</ref> Like Quaoar,<ref name=photometricKBO>Trujillo, C. A., Sheppard, S. S., & Schaller E. L. (2011). A Photometric System for Detection of Water and Methane Ices on Kuiper Belt Objects</ref> it has a very<ref name=photometricKBO /> red spectrum,<ref name=specHaumea /><ref name=Haumeafcand /> which indicates that its surface probably contains a lot of complex, processed organic molecules.<ref name=specHaumea>Pinilla-Alonso, N., Licandro, J., & Lorenzi, V. (2008). Visible spectroscopy in the neighborhood of 2003 EL61 (Haumea)</ref> Its light curve shows variations of Δm=0.3 mag, but no period has been determined.<ref name=Haumeafcand>Snodgrass, C., Carry, B., Dumas, C., & Hainaut, O. (2009). Characterisation of candidate members of (136108) Haumea’s family</ref>

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