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164 Eva is a main-belt asteroid that was discovered by the French brothers Paul Henry and Prosper Henry on July 12, 1876 in Paris. The reason the name Eva was chosen remains unknown.<ref name="Schmadel2012"/> The orbital elements for 164 Eva were published in 1877 by American astronomer Winslow Upton.<ref name="Upton1877"/> It is categorized as a C-type asteroid and is probably composed of primitive carbonaceous chondritic materials.

Photometric observations of this asteroid at the Palmer Divide Observatory in Colorado Springs, Colorado during 2008 gave a light curve with a period of 13.672 ± 0.003 hours and a small brightness variation of 0.04 ± 0.01 in magnitude. This is consistent with a previous study reported in 1982 that listed a period estimate of 13.66 hours.<ref name="Warner2009"/>

In 2000 Eva was reported occulting a dim star.

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