::(153) Hilda




A schematic of the orbit of 153 Hilda (green), with Jupiter (red). The open red circles are the Jovian Lagrange points that Hilda approaches.<ref group=note>Based on orbital data from the year 2000. Hilda seldom approaches the Lagrangians exactly.</ref>

153 Hilda is a large asteroid in the outer main belt, with a diameter of 170 km.<ref name=jpldata/> Because it is composed of primitive carbonaceous materials, it has a very dark surface. It was discovered by Johann Palisa on November 2, 1875 from the Austrian Naval Observatory at Pula.<ref name=jpldata/> The name was chosen by the astronomer Theodor von Oppolzer, who named it after one of his daughters.<ref>Lutz D. Schmadel, Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, p.29.</ref>

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