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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} 104 Klymene is a large, dark Themistian asteroid that was discovered by J. C. Watson on September 13, 1868, and named after one of the many Clymenes in Greek mythology.<ref>Dictionary of minor planet names. p. 25. International Astronomical Union. 2003. Springer</ref> It is classified as a C-type asteroid, indicating it probably has a carbonaceous composition. The spectra indicates the presence of aqueous-altered minerals on the surface.<ref name="Fornasier1999"/>

Based upon measurements made using adaptive optics at the W. M. Keck Observatory, this object may have a bi-lobed shape with a length of 163 ± 3 km and width of 103 ± 5 km, for an average dimension of 133 km.<ref name="Marchis2006"/> This asteroid is a member of the Themis family of asteroids that share similar orbital elements.<ref name="Moore2011"/> It is listed as a member of the Hecuba group of asteroids that orbit near the 2:1 mean-motion resonance with Jupiter.<ref name="McDonald1948"/>

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