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IT'SNAZ is a double live album by the Scottish hard rock band Nazareth, released in late 1981.<ref name=":0">Listing for the original It's Snaz live album on, (accessed 15 March 2015).</ref>

The full album title is It's Naz but the artwork spread the title, in block-capitals, fully over the outside of the gatefold-sleeve: when not opened only 'S NAZ is visible on the front. The back of the original album cover includes the letters "I" and "T" causing many to misinterpret the title of the album as "'Snaz" which is incorrect. That no space was left between the 'S' and 'NAZ' seems deliberate, as contemporary adverts for the album in the music press write it as IT'SNAZ. The band's official website gives the title as It's Naz.<ref name=":0" />

The album was recorded at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, Canada, in May 1981 during the band's 1981 North American tour. The band recorded several of the dates on the tour but felt this one show was fine in its entirety. The album was mixed at The Manor, Oxfordshire.<ref name=":0" />

The original LP featured two bonus studio tracks, Juicy Lucy and a rerecording of Morning Dew. These were, along with Crazy (A Suitable Case For Treatment), from the Heavy Metal soundtrack, the first studio recordings of the new 6-piece line-up. In Germany, the LP originally came with a free bonus 1-sided 7", a remix of Morning Dew with the vocals sung in German, titled Morgentau. This was never issued separately, although it is sometimes (incorrectly) listed as a promo single.

The original, single CD release dropped five tracks from the original vinyl, due to time-constraints. The original remaster, on the Essential label, did not improve on this as the label did not consider a 2-CD set to be financially viable. However, when Eagle reissued the Nazareth back catalogue Snaz was finally transferred in its entirety, including the two studio tracks that finished side D of the original vinyl. In 2011 Salvo Records re-released the album with additional material from a Seattle concert together with "Crazy (A Suitable Case For Treatment)" and the German version of "Morning Dew" (titled Morgentau).<ref>Listing for the remastered version of the It's Naz album on, (accessed 15 March 2015).</ref>

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