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The Irish Free State Army Intelligence Department – Oriel House Criminal Investigation Department waged a lethal-force policy, especially in Dublin, against those who opposed the newly created Irish Free State (IFS). <ref name="blurb">This article is based on information culled from extant files obtainable at the National Archives of Ireland and from primary sources at the National Library of Ireland. Other primary sources are the accounts of inquests held on the bodies of Irish Republican Army men and members of Fianna Éireann, in the period 1 August 1922 to 12 October 1923, who were killed in dubious circumstances.</ref>

At least twenty-five Irish republicans were assassinated in County Dublin in the period that the Oriel House CID was in existence, from early 1922, when under the control of the Free State Army Intelligence Department and later under the Ministry of Home Affairs, to November 1923 when it was finally abolished. Most of these deaths, or the circumstances leading to them, were not witnessed, but several witnesses were there when the two Fianna Éireann, Alf Colley and Sean Cole were killed at Whitehall, and again when three more Fianna members were arrested at Clonliffe Road and found dead the next morning at Clondalkin.

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