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Hilda Trevelyan, who created the main role, Amanda

'Op o' Me Thumb is a 1904 one-act play by the English authors Frederick Fenn and Richard Pryce. It was produced at the Court Theatre, London, on 13 March 1904, in a double bill with Robert Browning's A Soul's Tragedy. It transferred to the St James's Theatre on 24 April 1904. The leading role of Amanda was played by Hilda Trevelyan.<ref>Gaye, p. 1451</ref> The play was staged in New York in 1905 with Maude Adams as Amanda.<ref>"At the Play", The Observer, 19 February 1905, p. 6</ref> It was filmed in 1920 as Suds, starring Mary Pickford in the role created by Trevelyan.

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