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Princess 'Elisiva Fusipala Tauki'onetuku Tuku'aho Vaha'i of Tonga (12 June 1949 – 3 October 2014), normally referred to as Princess Fusipala or even just Fusipala, was a daughter of Tu'i Pelehake (Fatafehi). Fusipala was one of the Tuʻi Pelehake's six children, four of whom were girls.

On the occasion of her marriage to Hahano-ki-Mala'e Kula-'a Sione Ngu Namoa, Lord Vaha'i (1936–2005), the Vahaʻi of Foʻui, a member of the Tongan nobility, John H. Groberg, then the mission president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) in Tonga, gave Fusipala and Hahano a copy of the Standard Works of the LDS Church as a wedding present. This was in 1968.

In 1989 Fusipala joined the LDS Church. ʻIsileli T. Kongaika, who was president of the Tongan Mission at the time of Fusipala's baptism, said that she was the first member of Tonga's royal family to join the LDS Church.<ref>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=citation }}</ref> Her main period of learning about the denomination was while visiting Sepiuta and Larripotoa Fehoko in Santa Ana, California. The Fehokos took Fusipala to church with them at the Santa Ana 6th (Tongan-speaking) branch. Her instruction in the gospel was done by branch president Heilala T. Finau.

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