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The eighth series of the British sitcom series 'Allo 'Allo! contains a Christmas special which aired on 24 December 1991, and seven episodes which first aired between 12 January and 1 March 1992.

Series 8 marks a change in the series. Rather than continuing to tell the story from the end of the seventh series, the first episode picks up the story some two years later. This sees the departure of the two British airmen and Bertorelli from the series. John B. Hobbs became the producer for the show.

In this series the letters in the initial credits were yellow instead of white like all earlier series. Secondly, there was no exclamation mark, when the title "'Allo 'Allo" was shown on screen.

The following episode names are the ones found on the British R2 DVDs with alternate region titles given below them.

Series No. Episode No. Episode title Original UK airdate
Christmas special 72 A Bun in the Oven citation CitationClass=web


8.01 73 Arousing Suspicions citation CitationClass=web


8.02 74 A Woman Never Lies citation CitationClass=web


8.03 75 Hitler's Last Heil citation CitationClass=web


8.04 76 Awful Wedded Wife citation CitationClass=web


8.05 77 Firing Squashed citation CitationClass=web


8.06 78 A Fishful of Francs citation CitationClass=web


8.07 79 Swan Song citation CitationClass=web


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