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ʿAli Akbar Khata'i (modern Turkish: Ali Ekber Hıtai{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}; fl. ca. 1500-1516) was an early 16th-century Middle Eastern or Central Asian traveler and writer. Although there is no certainty about his origin, we know that by 1515 he came to (or returned to) Istanbul, where he wrote Ḵeṭāy-nāma, which likely was the first ever book about the Ming China written on the European continent. His work, originally written in Persian, was later translated into Turkish, and became influential in the Turkish- and Persian-speaking Muslim world.

As with other Middle Eastern personages, there are a great number of ways to transcribe 'Ali Akbar's name. For example, Encyclopedia Iranica uses the spelling ʿAlī Akbar Ḵeṭāʾī.<ref name=ia>T. Yazici, ʿAlī Akbar Ḵeṭāʾī at Encyclopædia Iranica</ref>

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