::'Abd al-Karīm 'Abbās





Abdulkerim Abbas, also Abdul Kerim Abbas, Abdulkerim Abbasoff,<ref>Benson 1990: 197</ref> 'Abd al-Karīm 'Abbās<ref>Forbes 1986: 180</ref>) (1921 – August 27, 1949), was a Uyghur leader in Xinjiang, China during the 20th century. He helped lead the Ili Rebellion of 1944, which led to the founding of the Second East Turkestan Republic (ETR) in northern Xinjiang. Abbas, along with Ehmetjan Qasim, headed the Marxist faction within the ETR, which in 1946 set aside the rebellion's declaration of independence and joined the Nationalist Chinese in forming a coalition provincial government. Qasim and Abbas led the ETR in joining the Chinese Communists toward the end of the Chinese Civil War. They and several other senior leaders of the ETR perished in August 1949 in a plane crash while traveling en route to Beiping (Beijing) where they were invited to participate in the Chinese Communists' political consultative conference, which resulted in the founding of the People's Republic of China. Abbas is officially in hailed in the People's Republic of China as a revolutionary martyr.

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