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99–'00 Demos is a compilation album by Local H of demos recorded by the band in 1999 and 2000. It was released by G&P Records, which is the band's official online merchandiser. It was first announced as being available exclusively at the June 9, 2006 Local H performance at the Metro in Chicago, but it has since been available at later shows as well as at G&P Records' web site.

The demos were recorded in what the band refers to as 'The Last Golden Age of Demonstrations', the demo sessions for what would become their fourth album, 2002's Here Comes the Zoo. All of the songs from that album appear in demo form here, with the exception of "5th Ave. Crazy". Also, three of the songs from The No Fun EP, which were the only three songs that weren't covers on that release, appear here in demo form. The disc is rounded out by five songs which were all previously unreleased, with the exception of "Halcion Daze" which was previously released on a compilation, in the same form as it is here. That makes it the only song whose version appears on this album to have been previously released.

Halcion Daze was completely re-written from the ground up and is now Halcyon Days, the last track on Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles. Foolish Notions is part of Here Comes the Zoo, but the title was changed to Bryn-Mawr Stomp.

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