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‍ '​92 Tour EP is the most recent EP by the British band Motörhead. It was released in 1992 featuring songs from their March or Die and 1916 albums. Issued in 12" vinyl and CD 'jewel slim-case' formats.<ref name="ICGM">Burridge, Alan Illustrated Collector's Guide to Motörhead Published: 1995, Collector's Guide Publishing ISBN 0-9695736-2-6.</ref> Tracks one and two are taken from the March or Die album, tracks three and four are taken from the 1916 album.<ref>Notes printed directly onto the CD, listing the Epic LP/MC/CD numbers 471723 1/4/2 and 467481 1/4/2.</ref>

Epic released a 12" Promo version in the U.S. with "Hellraiser" on the A-side and "You Better Run" on the B-side.<ref name="ICGM"/>

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