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‍ '​51 Dons is a 2014 documentary film directed by Ron Luscinski and written by Luscinski, Tom Davis and Danny Llewelyn. Narrated by Johnny Mathis, it covers the 1951 season of the undefeated San Francisco Dons football team and their unique stand against racism. The team, including future NFL players and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees Bob St. Clair<ref>Review Journal, February 14, 2014, Retrieved August 2014, Ron Kantowski</ref> and Gino Marchetti, declined an invitation to play in the Orange Bowl that would have required them to leave their African-American players Ollie Matson and Burl Toler home. This act was one of the contributing factors that led to the end of organized football at the University of San Francisco. The Athletic News Director, Pete Rozelle, went on to become the commissioner of the NFL where he reshaped American football.

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