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}} The grill method (Polish: metoda rusztu{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}),<ref>Marian Rejewski, Mathematical Solution of the Enigma Cipher, trans Christopher Kasparek, Cryptologia, Vol 6, Number 1, pp 1–18 at 17, January 1982</ref> in cryptology, was a method used chiefly early on, before the advent of the cyclometer, by the mathematician-cryptologists of the Polish Cipher Bureau (Biuro Szyfrów) in decrypting German Enigma machine ciphers.<ref name = RejewskiKozaczuk290>{{#invoke:Footnotes|harvard_citation_no_bracket}}</ref> The Enigma rotor cipher machine changes plaintext characters into cipher text using a different permutation for each character, and so implements a polyalphabetic substitution cipher.

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