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During World War II, German Nazi concentration camps were located on the prewar territories of many European countries including Poland, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Belarus, France, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Macedonia; nevertheless, death camps of Operation Reinhard were built by Nazi Germany only in occupied Poland for logistical reasons
Auschwitz, Nazi German death camp built in a part of pre-war Poland that was annexed by Nazi Germany.

Polish death camp and Polish concentration camp are terms that have been used in international media, and by public figures, in reference to concentration camps built and run by Nazi Germany in the General Government and other parts of occupied Poland during the Holocaust. The use of these terms has been described as insulting by the Polish foreign minister Adam Daniel Rotfeld (himself a Jewish Holocaust survivor) in 2005, who also alleged that – intentionally or unintentionally – it shifted the responsibility for the construction or operation of the camps from the German to the Polish people. The use of these terms, explicitly mentioning "Poland" or "Polish", has been discouraged by the Polish and Israeli governments, Polish diaspora organizations around the world, and Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee.

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