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University of Maryland, College Park campus
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"M" Circle

"M" Circle is a commemorative traffic circle on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park. Created in 1976 to celebrate the American Bicentennial, the circle is noted for the large floral "M" that sits in its center.<ref name="archive">MAC to Millennium, University of Maryland Archives Retrieved 2010-8-22.</ref> The "M" is replanted twice annually: each fall, about 1,200 new tulip bulbs are planted. After flowering the following spring, the bulbs are replaced by 3,500 warm-weather annuals (usually vodka begonias or marigolds) that bloom until the first frost.<ref name="archive" /><ref>University of Maryland, Conferences and Visitors Services:Campus Attractions. Retrieved 2010-8-22.</ref>

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