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"Ibrahim Kodra" Foundation, Italian: Fondazione "Ibrahim Kodra"{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}, full name "Ibrahim Kodra" Foundation for the world kids (Italian: Fondazione per i Ragazzi del mondo di Ibrahim Kodra{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}), is a cultural and humanitarian organization founded in Lugano, Switzerland. It is currently named after the well-known artist Ibrahim Kodra.
The foundation started in 4 October 1993 in Lugano, Ticino Canton, Switzerland under the name "Foundation for the children of Sakha" (Italian: Fondazione per i bambini del Sakha{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}). In 17 May 2005, it changed the name to "Fondazione per i Ragazzi del mondo di Ibrahim Kodra" and moved to Paradiso, Ticino, following with the addition of Behgjet Pacolli as the main supporter in September 2009.<ref name="Moneyhouse">Foundation overview</ref>
The scope of the foundation consists of establishing good relations between Ticino area and the rest of the world, assist and support emerging young talents in need, especially former Communist countries, providing health, social, educational, technical, and humanitarian aid to children, advocating for their rights, and providing scholarships for young students.<ref>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=citation }}</ref><ref>Foundation's statute (in Italian)</ref>

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